Nick ZachresonSpacerThe Author - Nick Zachreson is comfortable and at home with the subject of this book because he grew up in the San Joaquin Valley. Like many other young men who later left the region, Zachreson broke out of his home environment to travel extensively throughout the United States and Canada and settled at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he served as apprentice to William Everson of the Lime Valley Press. But unlike most of his contemporaries, Zachreson returned to the San Joaquin, bringing with him a fresh perspective and a renewed appreciation for his native region.
His knowledge of printing and his love of writing have combined to forge a unique prose style, one which seems to take up where William Saroyan and John Steinbeck left off. His words are exact. The chisel bold and clear-cut visual images in the reader's mind, and they record the voices and echoes of the Valley which ring with significance and truth.

Richard HammondSpacerThe Photograher - A life-long resident of the San Joaquin Valley, Richard Hammond is especially sensitive to the nuances in light and in human feeling which are captured in this book. Influenced early in his career by Clayton Rippey and Bertil Brink, Hammond demonstrates a vision which works a single agent with his lens to record intense and personal glimpses of life as it moves against the vast backdrop of the San Joaquin. Deeply involved with the Valley and with the people who call it home, Hammond displays a style which invites comparison with painter Andrew Wyeth. His is a private world, one rarely seen by outsiders to the Valley.